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“I have 3 girls who have thick curly hair ages 10, 8, and 5. I could never get them to brush their hair. It was a task that always caused anxiety for all of us. If and when they let me brush their hair, it would take forever. So often I would give up and they would not comb their hair for the day. Once I got Smoobee, there was an instant WOW with the girls. They brush their hair without any problems. Smoobee is left right by the door and they each grab their brush and brush their own hair before leaving the house. Thank you so much! What a relief!”

Maria D., Santa Ana, CA

“I’m a mom who loves dressing up my daughter when we go out. So it drove me crazy that my daughter would never let me brush her hair because it hurt her so much. She would leave our house in a cute adorable outfit yet her hair was a mess. Aaah! I tried all kinds of brushes from the store. None of them worked. My girlfriend told me about Smoobee and it was a miracle. First the brushes are beautiful and made of good quality. My daughter had a hard time just picking the color. Second, it worked like magic. My daughter instantly had no problems
brushing her hair and she actually ran away with the brush and started playing with it. Thank you Smoobee!”

Colleen T., Atlanta, GA

“Smoobee is a life saver! It even works on wet hair. Samantha (7) can take a bath, towel up and we brush her hair in 5 minutes. It takes a bit longer than dry hair but it works and there is no crying.”

Jonathan H., Birmingham, AL

“My daughter is 6 yrs old and loves long hair. But brushing it was like torturing her. We actuallly had to cut her hair to minimize the agony. Needless t o say, she was not a happy camper. She came home one day from school and said that her friend had a Smoobee. I immediately ordered one and to my surprise, Smoobee is the best. My daughter has grown out her hair and she sits in front of her mirror brushing her hair everyday now with Smoobee. Smoobee goes with us on all vacations.”

Amanda N., New York, NY

“We love Smoobee! My two girls will only use Smoobee for their hair. They even use it for their dolls. They have all 3 colors in each of their rooms. They now bush each other’s hair and spend hours doing all kinds of new hairdos.”

Angie S, London, UK is owned by Dream Hugs, LLC.


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