Beauty Products in 2019

Consumers want to be thoroughly informed about what their putting on their skin and in their bodies now more than ever. If you’ve ever looked up every single ingredient within a product or wondered what each of these will do for your skin, then you are in for a treat. Thankfully for Instagram’s existence, we can now connect with brands and industry experts from all over the globe. Beauty experts versed in the science of it all have become increasingly popular—whether that means measuring the pH of products, myth-busting a brand’s claims, breaking down ingredients, and cutting out the fear-mongering.

We pulled together a few of them that will help you decide what works for you, based on studies, and proper scientific evidence, taking away the marketing jargon. Rest assured, you will leave their feeds/blogs/YouTube channels all clued up and educated on anything from acids, serums, and diet in conjunction with skincare. They’ve also shared why science-based beauty on their pages is important to them, as well as some of their favorite products. 

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